It's a Family Thing

My brother and I have a genuine love for the Eyewear and Fashion industry. Eyewear is in our blood. After 30 combined years in the business, we finally brought our dream to life. That dream is RuVue.

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Breaking Boundaries

For years we have been selling Designer and Luxury eyewear in our brick and mortar in Milwaukee, WI. We respect and value all the brands we carry, but our ultimate goal was to start a brand of our own. We recognize the potential of an eCommerce platform with RuVue. We aim to reach as many customers as we can; distance is no barrier. We created our own lane in the eyewear world and we are making power moves down that street we built. 

See The Change,
Be The Change

RuVue’s mission statement. We love that double entendre! We want our customers to literally “See the Change” with their RuVue specs, and we invite them to “Be the Change” by finding a way to improve our society like our grandfather did. We love what we do in the eyewear world, but our true passion in life is giving back. Whether it be as simple as holding a door, or lending a helping hand to a friend in need, we believe the secret to living is giving! We are always striving for a positive, worldly effect to help bring our country together and stand united against the negativity tearing down our society. The biggest changes start with the small ones. There is power in numbers!

Man of the People​

In 1956, our Grandfather Nicholas started our family business in Milwaukee, WI. While we did not get the chance to meet him, there was never a shortage of inspiring stories about the extraordinary person he was. A “Man of the People” is the picture we painted from the stories we had heard. His ultimate goal was to improve the world he and his loved ones lived in. He achieved this by investing in his beloved customers, ensuring that they looked and felt their best in every pair of fabulous eyewear they desired. We intend to live up to his legacy for every RuVue customer.

Quality You Can Afford

Our #1 goal is to provide the highest quality frames and lenses at an unbeatable price.  We fully understand frame and lens quality. Our private label frames use only the best frame materials in the world. Our product quality is equivalent, if not better, than any other eyewear brand in the market. What makes us different? We are giving you that same quality at a fraction of the price. Welcome to our dream!