We have good news!

You can use your flexible spending or health savings accounts (HSA) dollars to purchase prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses! These funds can be used for every prescription pair.

Be in the know

FSA funds for the year begin on January 1st, and typically end December 31st or March 15th. It is important to know that these funds do not carry over into the next year. In other words, use them or lose them! What better way to use them than on some RuVue frames, am I right?

HSA is a little different. You must be enrolled in a high-deductible plan to be eligible for a health savings account. The great thing about HSA is that your funds will never expire. You will not lose any funds that are not used within that year.

Moral of this story

Try on as many pairs as you’d like! You’ll need to use these funds sooner or later, and we would rather it be sooner!